Ultimate Phone Spy Review: Is this the Best Spy App in 2022?

A modern child’s existence revolves around mobile phones and social media. In 2019, 84 % of American teenagers aged 13 to 18 have a smartphone, according to the Common Sense Census. Every day, they spent 7 hours and 22 minutes on social media. We’ll go over all of the features of Ultimate Phone Spy and whether it’s worth buying in this in-depth Ultimate Phone Spy Review.

Ultimate Phone Spy review

Fortunately, there are numerous smartphone apps that can assist you in controlling and monitoring mobile device activities. Many of these have similar duties and skills, yet some shine brighter than others. One such App is Ultimate Phone Spy, which is frequently referred to be one of the greatest mobile tracking apps available today.

Despite the fact that the Internet allows for unfettered contact and knowledge, young people begin connecting with strangers they would never meet in person. In terms of e-safety, children may face risks such as sextortion, online abuse, and cyberbullying. Furthermore, excessive use of social media in children might lead to Internet addiction or decreased social engagement. As a parent, it’s critical to keep a tight eye on your child’s phone usage.

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What is Ultimate Phone Spy?

Ultimate Phone Spy is a mobile spying tool that you can install on your target device and use to remotely monitor its actions. This system gives data on phone conversations, instant messengers, social media activities, locations, and tracking, among other things. Notably, the app runs in the background in total incognito mode, preventing the target phone from tracking it.

Ultimate Phone Spy has grown in popularity to become one of the most widely used mobile spying apps in the world. It’s dependable, easy to set up, and compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Furthermore, the app provides users with a detailed analysis of the activity of the target cell phone.

The application’s data is uploaded to the company’s cloud server, which you may view via a web-based dashboard. From a computer or a mobile device, you can access the dashboard. Ultimate Phone Spy is a fantastic app that may be used for a variety of purposes. Some parents use it as a parental control to monitor their children’s mobile activity. Others, meanwhile, use it to ensure that their staff only use their company phones for business purposes.

How Ultimate Phone Spy Works?

After you install Ultimate Phone Spy on your phone, it runs in the background. This makes it easier for the app to remain hidden on the target device.

Following installation, the app gives you access to everything on the target phone, including incoming/outgoing calls, location monitoring, social media usage, instant messages, and more. All of this data is collected by Ultimate Phone Spy and added to your internet dashboard for easy monitoring.

Remember that the software uploads data to the dashboard via an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G). As a result, you must ensure that the target phone is connected to the Internet in order to obtain data.


Ultimate Phone Spy Review: Features

The Ultimate Phone Spy software offers all of the capabilities that a monitoring tool should have. We’ll go through these features in further depth in this section.

Tracking with GPS: GPS tracking is one of the most appealing features of this parental control tool for both parents and employers. You can follow your target device’s current location via GPS tracking, no matter where they are in the world. You’ll be able to see the device’s location at all times as long as it’s linked to the internet.

View Call Log: The Ultimate Phone Spy app also lets you record phone calls on the target device. You won’t be able to hear the call, but you will be able to see all of the facts about all incoming and departing calls. This information contains the caller’s name, the time the call was made, and the length of the call, among other things.

Access Messages: You can also use Ultimate Phone Spy to access all texts and emails, depending on your device. This capability is available on Apple devices without the need to jailbreak them. However, for Android devices, the device must first be rooted.

This function has the advantage of allowing you to read even previously erased messages. Even if your youngster tries to hide their activities by deleting messages, Ultimate Phone Spy will allow you to retrieve those messages.

Other Features: Aside from that, unlike many other tracking and monitoring apps on the market today, Ultimate Phone Spy does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device before you can use it.

Keep in mind that root access to the device will unlock more functions, but it is not essential to install the app. This is ideal if you want to keep your use of Ultimate Phone Spy under wraps, particularly if you plan to install it on your child’s phone.

Ultimate Phone Spy VS Nova Spy

You may remotely monitor the target device’s installed and uninstalled apps, as well as prohibit certain apps from being utilized, using Ultimate Phone Spy ‘s application control tools. This is an excellent tool for parents who want to prevent their children from using specific apps that aren’t child-friendly or could hurt them.

Ultimate Phone Spy allows you to track when the owner of your target device does something odd with their phone, such as replacing or removing the SIM card. The control panel also gives you access to extra phone control tools and alarms.

Nova Spy’s ability to record phone operations, such as phone, video, or FaceTime calls, take images with the target device’s camera, and even record the ambient area around the phone, makes it an exceptional spy app. Nova Spy gives you complete control over your recording.

While Ultimate Phone Spy allows users to do remote operations such as data deletion and app blocking, Nova Spy takes this a step further by allowing users to remotely edit, uninstall, deactivate, and upgrade the Nova Spy app. You can also restart the target device whenever you wish.


The decision between Ultimate Phone Spy and Nova Spy is based on a number of factors. Ultimate Phone Spy is the most cost-effective option for parents who want to monitor their children’s basic activities. If you want a other list of features, go with Nova Spy.

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