About Us

Our smart spy app is designed for parents and guardians who want to protect their children from inappropriate people. It is not designed for data mining or to monitor the health of a child beyond what would be considered normal levels. Nova Spy is not intended to interfere with kids’ privacy, so it does not keep constant track of every keystroke, location, or other sensitive information. Your private dashboard is not controlled by us. You have total control of your accounts.

Nova Spy App is the best mobile service for Android and iOS that records all conversations on your phone. It’s simple, easy to use, and records everything. You’ll also be able to see contact names and the duration of the conversation.

Nova Spy app is completely free and doesn’t require any additional software to run. You can use this app to catch a cheating spouse. If your home or workplace was ever hacked, you want to make sure you can recover what happened at least as quickly as possible. Nova Spy records all conversations on your phone so even if someone were to delete their history from your device, it would still be recorded in our detailed log.

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