How to Spy on Internet Activity through WiFi: Monitoring App Techniques

The best policies for ensuring Internet safety and responsibility are proper education and a policy of mutual trust and respect.  The Internet is a broad buffet of potentially harmful stuff, ranging from porn and bomb-building directions to Facebook and Twitter.

You may want to know what kind of internet traffic is passing through your router and server when establishing a home or business network. Surprisingly, the router may be set up to track the websites that are accessed through the shared network. You can use it to see if your child is viewing improper stuff and if your employees are working properly when you set it up. In this article, we will see how to Spy on Internet Activity through WiFi.

How to Spy on Internet Activity through WiFi

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What is Internet Spying?

When people track computers or IT networks in order to obtain access to personal or confidential information, this is known as internet spying. This data is usually in digital format and is useful to the hacker in some way.

You can spy on any internet activity using Android Spy App (Nova Spy) which allows you to keep an eye on your children’s phones and protect them from becoming addicted to them. It can also assist you in keeping track of your employees’ actions. This App allows you to keep track of your child’s phone calls, messages, emails, and other activities.

Why do people want to monitor their internet activity?

There are occasions when you’d like to keep an eye on what’s going on with your WiFi. For example, parents may wish to monitor their children’s online behavior to ensure that they are not visiting any inappropriate websites. Some websites provide explicit content that may be harmful to a child’s mental health. You can ensure that your child uses the internet safely by monitoring their online behavior.

Similarly, as a business owner, you may assume that your staff is squandering time on non-work-related websites. Furthermore, some of them may be able to access job recruiting sites and apply for new positions. It is vital to monitor online use in order to increase productivity.

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How to Spy on Internet Activity through WiFi?

The wireless router saves all of the websites that users view, including those that are accessed in incognito mode. Depending on the make and model of the router you’re using, the instructions may differ. If you have a Netgear router, simply follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open your laptop’s internet browser and type your IP address into the address box. It will be a number with eight digits. You can locate it by consulting your router’s handbook. If that doesn’t work, open CMD.exe and type ipconfig/all, then search for the default gateway field.

Step 2: When prompted, enter a username and password. Try admin/password, admin/1234, admin/admin, or root/root if you can’t remember it. You can also look up the model number and the default password for your router on Google.

Step 3: Select Logs from the Content Filtering menu. You should pay attention to the Source’s IP address.

Go to Maintenance and choose Attached Device. It displays a list of all connected devices to the router.

It also has the ability to block access to specific websites or activities on specific ports. Simply select Block Sites from the Content Filtering menu. By adding terms that you want to be blacklisted, you can enforce forbidden sites.

How to Spy on Internet Activity through WiFi: Nova Spy

The Nova Spy allows you to monitor internet activities. Even if their smart gadget is not linked to the internet, you can see what websites they visited. You can choose from a wide range of apps on the market and choose one that is relevant to you. You won’t be able to go through all of them, though. This is where Nova Spy comes in.

This complete app includes all of the functionality required to spy on another phone. It assists in keeping track of the target device’s digital activities and avoiding any threats. Take a closer look at the following features:

  • View Browser History: This feature allows you to read a complete account of someone’s online activities. You may look up the URL of a website, the frequency with which it is visited, and the date and time of your most recent visit.
  • Access Deleted History: You can still access the browsing history even if the person has deleted it.
  • Create a Keyword Alert: You’ll be notified if the target device is using unsuitable keywords. You can simply determine whether your youngster is looking for material on sex, drugs, pornography, violence, and other topics.
  • Keylogger: It records every keystroke made on the target device, allowing you to see exactly what was entered. You can look up search terms and read messages that have been shared with you.

This App includes all of the information and functionality you’ll need to keep track of someone’s online activities. This App does not require any technical or professional experience to use. Simply establish a Nova Spy Account and install the app on the target device. After that, log in to your account and check your internet usage.

Spy on text messages through wifi

To monitor your kid’s activities on social media while sharing the same wifi. This is how you can do it

  • Goto Nova spy website and buy a plan
  • Select your device from iOS or Android
  • To install on Android, you need to touch the device physically to have remote access. While on iOS, you need to verify iCloud credentials to use the Nova spy app.

Using Nova spy will allow you to spy through wifi router app. You can read someone WhatsApp with a monitoring app on your target’s device

Can you see what someone is doing on their phone through wifi

While Nova spy is installed, you can monitor text messages, calls, view galleries, and more. This will allow you to know what they are doing on their phone without coming close to it.

Nova spy will allow you to see internet activity on my phone. Browser history and keylogger. WireShark is a good tool to also hack the wifi network flawlessly.

how to access other devices connected to my wifi


How to Stop Others from Seeing What you’re doing on the Internet?

There are several actions you may take to keep your internet activities hidden from others. You can use a VPN to mask your internet activity as an option. Rerouting traffic over an encrypted tunnel, masks both your IP address and your location. You can also use other internet sources for sensitive web searches, such as setting up a hotspot on your smartphone. You can even share your Android’s VPN connection for an extra layer of security.

When you want to see your boyfriend’s Facebook, this is what you need to do. Install a monitoring app on any device such as android or iOS


This article elaborates on how to monitor internet activities using WiFi through Spy App. On your router, you can also choose to block certain websites. You may check browser history with a spy tool like Nova Spy even if the person is not connected to the internet. You may take complete control of the target device and safeguard your loved ones from harm.




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