How To Spy On an iPhone Without Installing Any Software?

Let it be an iPhone or an Android phone; spying applications are considered to be one of the best ways to spy on someone’s phone. However, they are quite risky because the other person might detect that an unwanted application or software has been installed on their phone.

Therefore, using spying applications to spy on someone’s phone is not the most secure option as it would require you to install the software. 

Now, undoubtedly, the best and stealthiest way to go about it would be to use the Nova spy app. It is safe, easy to use, and helps in hacking seamlessly. 

Now, if you still want to spy on someone’s phone and getting wife’s texts on my iPhone. We have mentioned below some ways through which you can spy on an iPhone without installing any software:

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Features to Spy on iPhone without Software

The best of features to turn on iCloud backup remotely is using Nova spy. One of the unique features of getting wife’s calls on my iPhone, is explained below.

  • Using their Apple or iCloud ID

Using someone’s Apple ID is one of the most basic ways through which you can spy on someone’s iPhone. In order to spy through Apple ID, you would need to have access to their device, information about their iCloud ID, and data.

Once you have both of them, go to your device’s setting and log in with the other person’s iCloud using their Apple ID and password. Once you’ve logged in, it would ask you if you want the merge the two devices together? Tap on ‘I agree,’ and you’d be able to monitor their phone.

How To Spy On an iPhone Without Installing Any Software?

It would provide you with the option to sync their messages, emails, photos, files, and other data stored in their phone. However, you won’t be able to spy on the conversations made by them on any social media application.

how to access root files on iphone without jailbreak

If you want to specifically spy on their messages, you would need to enable iMessage in your setting and again enter their Apple ID and password. Doing so would grant you access to their messages, location, and AirDrop.

If you wish to save all the data from their phone into your phone, you would need to change the settings of the other person’s phone. You can change their settings to allow iCloud to conduct back-ups regularly, even when the phone is switched off.

  • Using an iPhone Recovery Stick

The iPhone Recovery Stick is a spying product that was introduced by the Poof Pronto company. In order to spy with the help of an iPhone Recovery Stick, you would need a Windows laptop or desktop and temporary access to the other person’s device.

how to log into someones imessage without them knowing

Once you have all this, you would need to connect the other person’s phone to the Windows desktop through the USB port. Now, without disconnecting the phone, insert the iPhone Recovery Stick into one of the other ports present on the desktop.

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How To Spy On an iPhone Without Installing Any Software?

As soon as the iPhone recovery stick is inserted, the recovery process would start. It would take about 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the recovery process to finish, depending on the amount of data that has to be copied.

Using an iPhone Recovery Stick on a windows desktop would allow you to spy on the other person’s iPhone. It would do so by providing you access to the messages sent from iMessage, Facebook, and Kik, browsing history, deleted contacts, and various media and files.

Most importantly, it would allow you to check and recover messages and conversations that have been deleted by the other person!


Using The Find My iPhone Feature

The ‘Find My’ feature will allow you to spy on the other person’s real-time location and nothing else. However, it would allow you to find only those people who have already shared their location with you before.

To use this, you need to go to your iPhone’s settings and then tap on the ‘Find My’ option. After you tap on it, select the ‘People’ tab. Clicking on it would provide you with the other person’s location.

control iphone from computer via usb without jailbreak

Social Engineering and Phishing

Social Engineering refers to the process of manipulating the user into providing confidential information such as passwords. Phishing refers to creating fake, malicious links that look similar to the ones that we come across on the internet and sending them to the other person.

Through Social Engineering and Phishing, you would need to anonymously send the other person a malicious link. The link should be composed in a way that it would look like it has been sent from a social networking site and wishes to confirm if something.

How to Clone Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak

As soon as they open the malicious link, you would get access to their iPhone. With the help of the malicious link, you could even ask them to enter their iCloud password or bank details.

Using Social Engineering won’t require you to jailbreak their iPhone or physically access their phone. However, for this to work, you would need to make sure that the malicious link looks genuine enough to convince the person to enter the information.

If they aren’t fooled by the malicious link or realize that it’s a fake link, it might lead to them reporting it to the cybercrime authorities. This could lead to legal trouble.

Ask A Professional Hacker

Talking about legal trouble, it’s best to contact a Professional Hacker and ask him to spy on the other person’s iPhone without installing any software or application on his iPhone. It’s a costly option but the safest of all the options mentioned above.

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This is because they are professionals and are aware of the various loopholes that are present in the iPhone and the laws of the area where you reside. 

Also, when an ordinary person tries to spy on someone’s phone without having adequate technological knowledge, it could result in the other person getting to know about it. Moreover, it could lead to legal issues and complications.


Final Words

There are various ways through which you can spy on someone’s iPhone without installing any software or application. Although these ways are dangerous, they do fulfill the purpose of spying.

It’s not possible to track someone’s iPhone just through their number. Therefore, you would either need their iCloud details or physical access to their phone in order to spy on them.

However, out of all the ways that have been mentioned above, it’s suggested to contact a professional hacker. This would ensure that you don’t get caught or, worse, get into any legal trouble.

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