How to intercept phone calls in android

Are you concerned about the security of your conversations? Do you want to know how to intercept phone calls in Android? If so, this blog post is for you. In this post, we will discuss some methods that you can use to intercept phone calls on your Android device. We will also provide some tips on how to protect your privacy and keep your conversations secure. So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

How to intercept phone calls in android

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How to intercept phone calls in android


  • Use Android’s built-in capabilities

Some of the apps that can be used to intercept phone calls in Android are very vulnerable to people who want to hack your phone and access all of your conversations without you knowing. The best thing about Android is that it has some basic capabilities for using existing technologies to intercept phone calls.

Here are two methods below:

Method One: Using Device Rooting or Jailbreaking

Android users can use their devices’ rooting functions to gain root access, which will allow them not only to monitor text messages but also record incoming call logs and take screenshots during calls/messaging sessions. You should note that if you decide to use this method, then there is a chance other people will notice what you’ve done. People who notice this will also know that you can intercept phone calls, so be careful when using this method.

Method Two: Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

You can use ADB if you have a computer or laptop that runs on the Windows Operating System. With ADB installed, you just need to plug in your Android device to your computer and then access it with ADB, which is very easy with tutorials found online like this one. Once you’ve got it set up though, there are several things you can do with it:

Recording incoming call logs for proof of harassment; Viewing contacts; Getting GPS location data; Recording a video without anyone knowing; Intercepting text messages. If these tasks intrigue you, then you should watch this video tutorial.

Use Phone Call Interceptor (Root)

Phone Call Interceptor is an app that can intercept phone calls in Android devices with root access enabled. This app comes ‘pre-rooted’. You don’t need to use any other software or apps to get started, making it really easy for users who are newbies at using these kinds of tools. It also works well on phones latest Samsung Galaxy.

With Phone Call Interceptor, all you have to do is enter the number you want to hack into the dialer and then press call, but if your device cannot be rooted, then there’s no way for this app to work. For non-rooted devices, you will need to make sure the app is installed first before calling any numbers because it has limited options without root access.

 Use Spy Apps

Phone Call Interceptor works well with rooted and nor rooted Android devices running on the latest  4.1+ or Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0+. However, if your device is not rooted yet but runs on one of these OS versions, then this app should work fine for you since it comes ‘pre-rooted’ It can be used on phone call interceptor software.

Best Spy Devices For Cheating Spouses

Phone call interceptor app,

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Features of Spy App include:

  • Allowing you to see your call history
  • Intercepting text messages/iMessages
  • View information about unknown numbers.

When using this app, make sure it is installed first before calling any numbers because it has no limited options. The only downside we see in this app is that it doesn’t record audio, so if you want something that will help you record conversations and not just monitor them, then you may want to try other apps like Ultimate phone spy and OneSpy.

 Ultimate phone spy

Ultimate phone spy is a powerful mobile spy application that was designed to help people keep track of multiple devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets.  It is capable of recording phone calls, intercepting text messages/iMessages, viewing contacts, and much more.

best software to spy on any phone

They are in the business of providing a few key services that will help our customers in every conceivable way. From using our spy app to catching human traffickers, monitoring employees, as well as preventing violence against children. The most important thing about Ulitmate Phone Spy is its quality and effectiveness. If you are looking for a way to track your child’s phones or employees’ phones, we invite you to get the best phone spy app today!


OneSpy is a powerful and discreet application for Android devices.  Once installed on your phone, OneSpy will start recording all calls and messages, allowing you to easily monitor your children’s or employees’ activity.  It was created because they were tired of relying on case-by-case solutions that offered poor features, high costs, and less than ideal support.

Nova Spy App

Nova Spy App is the first smartphone spy app designed to help you keep track of multiple devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets. This powerful mobile spy app has been created to help you monitor your kids or employees to make sure they’re not texting with their boss or talking on the phone without your permission. The Nova Spy App is also capable of recording phone calls and it’s a phone call interceptor software.

How to Spy on someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing

How to listen to previous phone calls on android

Android and iPhone users have different ways to listen to previous phone calls. The code for listening to another person’s call is as follows: “*#06#” on Android and “*987#” on iPhone. For an older model, the code is as follows: “*001*5551234#.” This code works on Android and iPhone, as well.

The following is a detailed tutorial for listening to previous phone calls:

In order to listen to someone else’s private calls from an old phone, go into the contacts menu and search for the person’s name that you want to spy on. If you don’t know their number, then use your call logs or their text messages to find it. Once you are in contact with them, make a new message by pressing “Add Message” at the bottom left of your screen. Type “*#06#” (without the quotation marks) into this box and press enter twice after typing it. It will automatically show up under contact information with its respective IMEI number.

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