How to Hack Someone’s iCloud: The New Unique way in 2022

Hacking into someone’s iCloud could be the most challenging thing ever but is also very simple at the same time! What do we mean by that? 

So it’s a paradox of sorts! Jailbreaking into an iPhone will be most likely more tricky than jailbreaking an Android phone. This statement is not what we are assuming but what most hackers say! 

But what if we tell you we have methods to help you hack someone’s iCloud without any jailbreaking? Read on to explore more!

How to Hack Someone's iCloud

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What Is iCloud?

In a world that is extremely fast-paced, a lot of the excessive data on iPhones are automatically backed up on the cloud. iCloud is a savior if you lose your memory or your phone! iCloud account has been hacked before.

But we will not be quick to assume that this very iCloud could be a point of the data breach as well. People all around the world hack into clouds all the time. The reason? They know that all the data they could ever need is stored there. Your chat, media files, personal documents, and whatnot! 

Even though the article shall help you break down hacking an iCloud, we recommend all our readers to activate two-factor authentication and always take special care of the security of your iCloud.


How to hack someone’s iCloud without them knowing

Simple and challenging? We mean that it’s relatively easy to find out how to hack someone’s iCloud without them even knowing. Using Nova spy app, you can have access into iCloud account with the user knowing.

When you want monitor your kids account, what you need is iCloud credentials to monitor his or her device. This will give you access to protect them without you being there.

All you need to hack an iCloud account is using a professional monitoring tool such as Nova spy app.

To hack an iPhone, it take simple tool to spy on someones iCloud without them knowing.

How to use Nova spy to hack iCloud account without them knowing


Nova Spy is part of a new breed of zero-service spy tools that has taken over the market – the zero service model means there’s no invasive advert, spams pop-up ads, or any deception occurring.

It is easy to setup Nova spy with this easy illustration to hack into someones iCloud account

  1. Visit Nova spy official website
  2. Register with username and password
  3. Select iOS as the user details
  4. Purchase a plan that fits your budget
  5. Login with the iCloud username and password
  6. Browse through the user iCloud details.

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Why Do People Hack Into iCloud?

As discussed previously, iCloud is the pathway to all the information about your target, But what are the main reasons people hack into other’s clouds.

Below listed are some of the most prevalent reasons for iCloud hacking.

Parental Control

In the world of digital media, we must understand how overwhelming it could be for your young kids. Imagine your child being bullied by an online predator or, even worse, your child online bullying someone. You can monitor or read your child’s WhatsApp Account.

This situation is not a pretty picture, and we would not want that for you. To save yourself from this misery, you can hack into your Childs’s iCloud and get the day-to-day updates you need.

Cheating Partner

Do you feel like the spark in your marriage is gone? Have you been worrying about your partner sleeping with someone else?

If this is your present scenario and you are looking for some clarity, you can look for options to hack into their iCloud. Once you have access to all their data, you can quickly figure out whether or not your partner is cheating!

Data Breaches

The most common reason behind iCloud hacks is the whole scam of data breaches and identity thefts. Many hackers dive into the details of a person’s iCloud to blackmail them for their benefit. 

We do not recommend doing anything remotely close to this, and you should be aware of this.

How Can You Hack Someone’s iCloud?

Now we shall be talking about how you can hack into your target’s iPhone iCloud. So, we will be listing two of the main methods used by people worldwide. Hopefully, one of them should work for you!

spy on iCloud account

Traditional iCloud Method To hack iCloud Accounts

Traditionally, iCloud hacking has been done by simply finding out the target’s Apple ID credentials. You will need the Apple ID and password of your target. Once you have all these details, you’re good to go! Hackers can open this ID on their own devices. 

Now, how does one find these details? 

Some of us would believe that going for a brute force attack method would work. This process refers to guessing the password and ID of the target. We suggest this method only when the person involved is a close friend or partner. Your guess might turn out to be accurate.

In other situations, creating a phishing link could be a great option to get all the details for iCloud.

Ultimate Phone Spy App Alternative

One of the most comprehensive hacking solutions in the market, Ultimate Phone Spy, is a consumer favorite. The Ultimate Phone Spy app just makes the job very easy. Like the traditional method, you will require the iCloud credentials to hack iCloud here as well.

Once you enter them on the Ultimate Phone Spy App, all the data will instantly appear. This will include messages, chats, photos, videos, and even social media accounts. 

You can even use the keyloggers feature of the Ultimate Phone Spy App to intercept the keystrokes made by the target on their phone. This keylogger is also an excellent method to find out the credentials of other accounts!


Frequently asked question 

This is a simple question asked when you want to know how to hack an iCloud account.

  • Can you access someone else’s iCloud?

Yes, with your username and password, someone hack access your account without you knowing. All it takes is an easy setup on Nova spy app.


  • Can someone hack my iCloud account?

A professional tool such as Nova spy app can give you unlimited access to your kid’s iCloud account without touching it.


  • How do I get into iCloud without a password?

All it takes is to log in to your iCloud account with a username and password. It is impossible to clone any account yet without iCloud credentials.


  • Can iCloud photos be hacked?

Yes, with the username and password of your iCloud credentials, someone might be spying on you. 2Fa on your iCloud account has to be turned off to make it work.


Wrapping Up

That’s it from our side! We hope this article can give you the ways to find the answers you need.

Ensure that your reasons for hacking someone’s iCloud are valid. It will prevent you from landing in legal trouble.


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