How to Hack Facebook Messenger on iOS

There’s no doubting that Facebook has consistently shown to be a great social media tool over the last decade. It is consistently one of the most popular platforms among users. And nowadays, people are increasingly interested in learning how to hack facebook messenger on iOS. Today, Facebook is in a league of its own, with an estimated 2.93 billion monthly active users. It has become ingrained in the minds of all social media users, and it is certain that Facebook will be featured in any debate of the top social media sites available today.

Even the prospect of breaking into someone’s Facebook Messenger account without them knowing intrigues us. Hacking and reading your friends’, family’, or spouse’s texts may be pretty entertaining.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger on iOS

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Why Messenger is Popular in 2022?

Messenger is a popular and free social media messaging software owned by Meta that allows Facebook users to interact and communicate in real time with their friends and family. Despite the fact that Facebook Messenger, like other chat programs, aims to bridge the communication gap, it is frequently used for numerous hacking reasons. For various reasons, many people learn how to hack someone’s Messenger without a password.

Spouses have their Messenger accounts hacked in order to learn about their partners’ extramarital affairs. Because of the surge in online bullying, fraudulent identities, and pornographic exploitation, the app poses a risk to children and teenagers. Employers are also aware of how instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger allow unethical staff to communicate with competition via messenger chats.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger on iOS?

Hacking is one of the most popular and researched topics on the internet, with examples including Facebook hacking, Snapchat hacking, Instagram hacking, and Messenger hacking.

Although there are various free techniques of hacking Facebook Messenger chats and other activity on the internet, the methods discussed here are among the most effective. The following are three legitimate ways to hijack someone’s Messenger account without knowing their password:

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Hack Messenger Using Nova Spy

You can simply gain access to someone’s messenger account using text spy apps. After you install the spy mobile app on the target smartphone, you may monitor all of the actions of the target’s messenger.

Nova Spy is the greatest choice among spy applications for remotely spying on facebook messages. With Nova Spy, you may monitor all of the target device’s Messenger’s hidden conversations or private messages. Audio and video exchanges on Messenger will also be recorded. As a result, you’ll be able to receive all of the information with only one click.

Nova Spy is completely undetectable on both Android and iOS devices without the need for root or jailbreak.

To receive comprehensive messenger data from Nova Spy, follow the procedures below:

  • To track your target’s messenger actions, create a Nova Spy account.
  • On the device you want to spy on, download and install the program.
  • Register for a Nova Spy account.
  • Scroll down to the social networking option in the left part of your account.
  • You can now use stealth mode to track your target’s messenger account.

Hack Facebook Messenger using Phishing

Phishing is another approach to gain access to your target device’s Facebook Messenger account. The phishing method can be used to send a fake or dummy Messenger page to the Facebook account you want to attack. However, some people may find this strategy too complex to implement.

You’ll need to build a Facebook clone and send the target a phishing email. The email should appear to be from Facebook and include a link to their account so they may check in. Users should be sent to a website like Facebook’s login page when they click the link, making the email more legitimate.

If users input their login details on your customized login page after visiting the link, you can access the entered login data. You can hack the messenger account using the login credentials.

Hack Facebook Messenger using Keylogger

The most exciting approach of collecting the actions of mobile phones is using a keylogger, which records all keystrokes and device activity in real time. Mobile phones and computers both have keypads. People use these for private texting and confidential talks. That is why keyloggers are so effective at gaining access to a device.

You can use a keylogger to record all of your target’s keystrokes. If you have physical access to the device, you can install the keylogger remotely or directly on it. You’ll receive notifications for every keystroke made on the target device after you’ve done installing and configuring the mobile app.

Take the following steps:

First, either physically or remotely install a keylogger on the target device:

You may easily download the keylogger from the internet if you have direct access to the target phone. Follow the instructions below to remotely install keylogger software on the target device for the Facebook Messenger hack:

  • Choose the keylogger you wish to install on the target device from the internet.
  • Create a link to the keylogger app installation file if you’re an Android user.
  • Send the link to your target and persuade them to click it.
  • The app will be installed on the target device once they click the link.

If you’re using iOS, enable iCloud backup on the device where you wish to install the program and enter the correct iCloud credentials.

Create an account with the keylogger app of your choice. To access the messenger credentials, go to your software’s control panel after you’ve installed and verified the program. Using a high-quality keylogger tool that captures the login data, you can simply hack the target person’s Messenger.


We’ve covered three distinct ways to hack Messenger without a password in this blog post, including vulnerabilities and spy programs. If you truly want to spy on someone’s messenger account, we recommend using Nova Spy, which is the simplest way to do so.

Because unauthorized hacking is unlawful, assess the benefits and drawbacks of the approach you chose, and don’t invade someone’s privacy unless absolutely essential. Finally, the choice is yours to make.

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