How to Hack an Android Phone Undetected

Have you been hunting for the perfect spyware application to track your spouse’s or employees’ android device activities without detection? Your search ends here. This article elaborates on one of the most popular and efficient spyware applications, Nova Spy

Do you want to hack an android phone? this could easily be one of the easiest guides you can find online.

Suppose your target has an Android device. You needn’t get stuck for spyware applications. All you need to do is read ahead and learn everything about the Nova Spy spyware app.


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How to Hack an Android Phone Undetected


Nova Spy is a spyware application easily downloadable and available for all Android devices. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest operating software. You can use various tools available on Nova Spy to hack your target’s messages, calls, social media, and much more.

It is the ultimate application that enables you to access and monitor your target’s Android device without rooting it. It is one of the best spy apps to track and control android cell phones remotely.

To make it work, you first need to turn off google protect.

How to hack android phone undetected


Step to hack android phones undetected

When you need to monitor any android phone, this is the step you need to follow.

Step 1 

The top spyware app for Android devices is easy to install and use. You merely need to follow the steps elucidated below. 

Firstly, you need to choose a package that you want to use and buy it. You can choose from the Basic, Premium Save, and Family packages. Each has a different pricing and some additional features as the price varies. If you want to monitor three Android devices undetected at once, you may choose the Family package. 

Note that you need to have access to the target’s Android device.


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Step 2

On phone android device, Open menu > google play > Scroll to the menu >select the setting buttonHow to hack android phone undetected


Turn off play protect and improve harmful app detection

google protect

How to install a spy app on android phones easily

Step 1 

After you purchase the app, install the app on your phone.

how to hack android phone


Step 2 

Follow the screen instructions. Accept the terms and conditions to use the app.

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Step 3

Enable keylogger

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Step 4 

This is how you can hack an android phone

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Once you pick your package, you need to download and install the Nova Spy app on your target’s device. It can get used without detection or rooting.

After installation is complete, the final step is to log in to your private area. This is a dashboard that shows all the Android devices you are tracking. You can view the data present in your target’s Android phone through this hidden spyware application.

Moreover, it is effortless to upgrade your Nova Spy app features should there be any. 

A key point to note is, your Nova Spy app takes at least 24 hours to update once installed. You must wait for this to happen before you start monitoring your target’s Android device.

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Why Choose Nova Spy?

If you and your target have an Android device, it becomes easier for you to spy on your target’s device. It barely takes a minute to install the Nova Spy spyware application on your target’s phone. Moreover, the application runs in the target device’s background invisibly.

The app doesn’t alert your target that their Android device gets tracked and monitored. Furthermore, there is no icon or logo, or any other trace of the spyware app on your target’s phone. 

It occupies very little space on your target’s Android device. It is a superior Android spy app that updates constantly and has a smooth data exchange process.

The Nova Spy app is affordable and has a user-friendly interface.

Features Of Nova Spy

Nova Spy offers several spying features to enable you to monitor, control, and track your target’s Android device. 

The application enables you to track your target’s calls. You will be able to extract their contact list and download the entire list in a second. You will get to listen to their calls. Moreover, you get alerted regarding outgoing and incoming calls.

how to remove a hacker from my android phone

On Android devices, you can track messages and notes undetected. The Nova Spy application enables you to access your target’s messages, replies, any media exchange, and more.

You can monitor their social media activity thoroughly. Nova Spy subscription enables you to see what social media applications your target uses. You can observe and control their activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat, and more on their Android devices undetected. 

Nova spy app offers access to text messages without touching them.

The best feature of Nova Spy is that it lets you demo its features to ensure it is the right app for you.



The market is filled with a multitude of spy apps to use on Android devices undetected by the target. One of our favorites is the Nova Spy app. It is the best Android spyware application in the market that lets you spy on your target without rooting and detection.

So, invest in the best package on Nova Spy to monitor, protect or control your child or employees’ activities on Android devices.



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