How to Clone a Phone: 3 Best Techniques to Spy on any device

When you want to monitor your spouse without you touching the device. What will be your first move? Use a spy app or learn how to clone a phone. There are multiple advantages when you want to spy on your spouse.

We will break down how you can easily clone any device easily. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use a spy app. More advanced methods to clone a phone will be discussed in this article to make you learn how to do it.

How to clone a phone without touching it


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What you understand about cloning a phone

Do you want to know how to clone a phone? Phone cloning is the process where the user copies the data and identity of one device to another. The other phone becomes a replica of the original phone. Cloning can be the key identifier of your phone or a backup of all your data. You don’t need to touch your phone to save all your data.

Generally, phone cloning is done by downloading specific software. The programs are designed to clone or transfer a phone entirely to a new device and not just the identifiers.

In the earlier days, cloning was much simpler with radio-looking chunky phones. The process a hacker needed to follow was to log into your phone, get into the ham signal, and listen to the identifier.  

Intersecting the signal was often a simple task. Phones now have Sim cards that are filled with secret codes which makes cloning your phone’s identifiers a task. Read on to find out why people clone phones, how to prepare for them, and How to Clone a Phone.

You can clone a phone without access to it. Learn how

How to clone a phone

Why the need to clone a phone? 

Copying phone identifiers are usually prohibited by the law globally. People get it done for many reasons despite the technical and legal aspects. The most popular cause is sharing a line in the same household without shelling out money for another phone. 

There is also the need to retain the features of a phone. Calls can be made from both phones while only the original one is billed. It is commonly used to smoothly transfer data from an old device to a new one.

A common misconception is that people think it could make their phone untraceable, but every device comes with a unique fingerprint. By its essential functioning, it can be easily tracked down. It should be noted that these laws don’t concern your phone’s software or any data present on it. 

The reason is, creating a copy of that data doesn’t let someone intercept your calls or share your number. A point to note is that cloning your phone may discredit the contract with your carrier. Your phone can be shut off or even banned from the said carrier service. 


What to do before you clone your phone?

You will need to back up all your data, depending on your system. Apple users can use iCloud and Android users can use Android’s backup option. The reason is so that no crucial data or pictures are lost in the process. It is a simple process and helps in the long run.

Load your information on a new device if you want to keep the original version of the data on your phone. You might also need to get a new Sim card from your carrier. This process is time-consuming, so make sure you can go off-grid for that time period. 

You will need three things while cloning your phone:

  • Your current mobile 
  • The mobile you will clone your data onto
  • A laptop


Problems while cloning phones  

There are a few negatives to note while cloning phones. 

  • You may get the wrong number of phone calls or disruption in calls
  • You could have trouble calling other people 
  • You could also have trouble recovering voicemail messages
  • Incoming calls could receive busy ringtones or declare the wrong number 
  • Calls that haven’t been made could appear on your monthly bill

Techniques on How to Clone a Phone

This will best describe what techniques to clone a phone.

  • SIM Cloning

SIM cloning is an easy process through which sims are hacked to clone your device. The vital information you will need is the PIN, PUK code, type of sim card 3G/4G/5G, the memory of the sim, and ISMI number. Important information can also be backed to iCloud.

First, download the software on your computer, and remove the SIM card. Click on the SIM Clone tool, and the SIM Clone tab will appear. You are now ready to begin cloning the SIM card. Click on the Read SIM option when the writable card is inserted. Now, the SIM button will be authorized.

  • CDMA channel

First, you must modify or replace the EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) in your device with a new chip. Configure an Electronic Serial Number (ESN). The next step in cloning is to change the Mobile Identification Number (MIN). CDMA cloning requires access to ESN and MIN numbers.


  • GSM phones

Cloning a GSM can be achieved by cloning the SIM card, where the internal data is unnecessary. The GSM phones do not have MIN and ESN but contain only an IMEI number. Remove SIM, copy it, and then place a device between the handset and SIM card. Allow it to operate for a couple of days to extract a secret code.


Nova Spy App for cloning

For example, Nova Phone Spy is one of the leading providers of data penetration. Nova Phone Spy app can be used by both iPhone, Android, and Mac users. You can also access it by a web-based method on your PC. You can easily copy the data from an old phone to a new one.

Nova spy app gives the user access to call history, how to hack text messages, browser history and bookmarks, email conversations, photographs, and media files. Nova Spy comes with advantageous keylogging features. It is great because it records every keystroke typed by the user, which helps acquire social media usernames and passwords. 

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You can also check another location 24/7, no matter how far the device is from you using a GPS tracker. The battery percentage plus model, memory, and disk space can also be configured. With Nova Spy App, you can be a novice at technology, and now you can easily access your data. 


Final Words

Cloning is prevalent when users want to transfer data from their old device to a new one smoothly. Nova Spy is an excellent app to use for all things stealthy. Backing up your data will ensure security in the future.

Despite the legalities and troubles, you can get into; it is pretty standard. The process is time-consuming, and you will have to devote a large portion of your day to it. It is also helpful to repair and restore devices and unlock screens.

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