Can an Android Phone be Tracked after Factory Reset?

Even the prospect of losing the phone makes people nervous. We begin frantically looking for it everywhere. We store our phones in our work bags, purses, beneath the bed, linked to a charger, and between the cushions. When these places get despondent, we begin to recollect the last site where we used our phone, even returning to those tracks in the hopes that the phone had dropped on the way. This article will let you know about Can an Android Phone be Tracked after Factory Reset?

In terms of technological understanding, today’s children are light years ahead of their parents. If you, like most parents, have given your child a phone, your first concern will undoubtedly be the inappropriate actions that can be done with a cell phone. And, to be honest, no matter how often you physically check their phones, you can’t follow their actions. And it’s because they know how to utilize a phone better than you did.

We’ve all misplaced our phones at some point in our lives. Fortunately, Android smartphones include various built-in solutions to assist you in finding your lost or stolen phone.

Can an Android Phone be Tracked after Factory Reset

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Can an Android Phone be Tracked after Factory Reset?

Most smartphones come with a tracking program that can aid in the recovery of a lost phone. If you have a Samsung cellphone, for example, the ‘Find My Mobile’ application can assist you.

If the Find My Mobile feature is enabled, you can track your phone’s position using another phone app or a website. Also, if the app setting is ON, you will only be able to see the device’s last position. You may back up your phone and restore phone calls and messages with this app.

Can an Android Phone be Tracked after Factory Reset

Ways to Track Android Phone after Factory Reset

Track Android Phone Using Nova Spy

Google-built apps make it much easier to locate lost or stolen devices, but Nova Spy can also help. You may easily locate your misplaced Android device by using the smartphones of your housemates. You can safeguard the security of your mobile data by installing Nova Spy.

This is one of the most popular apps for tracking down misplaced smartphones. This app is available on the Google Play Store. It’s built with features that keep your family safe and connected. You can also use a GPS tracker to track the locations of your loved ones.

You can effortlessly keep track on all social media accounts, whether it’s for spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Text isn’t the only way to keep track of social media profiles. You will obtain screenshots of the target person utilizing their social media accounts in addition to the content. Apart from that, Nova Spy’s location monitoring tool keeps you updated on your child or lover’s locations. It tracks precise location if the GPS on the target device is turned on.

Track Android Phone with Google Account

Using a Google account is the most convenient way to locate a device. It is one of the most popular and straightforward methods for locating a misplaced phone. Because Google owns Android, every Android device comes pre-loaded with Google apps like Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google Maps.

Type ‘Find My Device’ or Where is my phone into your Google account’s web browser. Additionally, the first result on the map will be your device’s most recent position. After acquiring the location information, you can use the internet to do a few things.

If you have your phone in your house but can’t find it, you can set it to ringing mode if it’s currently in silent mode. Your phone will ring for 5 minutes, and you will be able to find it simply.

If you leave your phone at home, you must take steps to protect your mobile data from unauthorized access. Set a pin, pattern, or password as a password for your device. Then, as a piece of information, you can send an alert message to your mobile to locate the device owner.

Finally, if all hope of finding the smartphone has been lost, you can wipe all mobile data. However, you should use this option as a last resort because you will be unable to locate the phone once all information has been cleared. On the other hand, if you have an SD card in your device, the data on it cannot be removed using this method.

Track an Android Phone using IMEI Number

You can use any third-party app to trace your Android smartphone using its IMEI number. Various IMEI tracking apps can assist you in locating your smartphone. The 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is unique to each phone.

As a result, you should keep the IMEI number safe whenever you buy a new gadget. Knowing your Android phone’s IMEI number will come in handy if it is lost. You can report the incident to authorities, and they will ban your phone number so that no one else can register with it until it is unblocked.

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This article discusses the Nova Spy, which is typically used for parental control but may also be used to track down a lost Android. The software can also track SMS, phone conversations, GPS locations, itineraries, and WhatsApp communications, among other things.

If you have the app turned on and your iPhone has been missing or stolen, you can use it to trace the GPS location or route your iPhone has taken since the last time you saw it.

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